Property Preparation

The more you prepare your home before one of Premier Realty Services highly trained photographers arrive, the better the pictures will turn out. Our photographers are hired to take photos of the property and make the space look as good as we can through the lens, it is not their job to clean up any mess.. and we can only do so much with a house that isn’t “photo ready”. We can not make a messy, dirty room look clean and neat in the pictures. Help us help you!


• Close garage doors
• Remove cars from driveway and front of home
• Clean up landscaping (mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves)
• Remove empty planters
• Use broom to remove cobwebs from eaves and door frames
• Remove visible water hoses
• Remove toys, sports balls, basketball goals, soccer goals, etc.


• Thoroughly clean the whole house (vacuum carpet, mop hard floors, clean countertops, clean windows)
• Turn all overhead lights and lamps ON
• Replace all burned out light bulbs
• Use bulbs of the same temperature (ALL incandescent or ALL compact fluorescent)
• Turn all ceiling fans OFF
• Turn all TVs OFF
• Turn all computer screens OFF
• Open blinds/window treatments to let in outside light
• Remove personal photographs (or replace with general landscape/object photographs)
• Make all beds
• Remove small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring
• Place all shoes/jackets in closets


• Clean porch, tidy up outdoor tables/chairs/cushions
• Pillows/cushions should be fresh, not faded
• Clear out kid’s toys, balls, frisbees, etc.
• Clean pool
• Remove pool vacuum/cleaner hose
• Hide pool cleaning supplies
• Turn on pool fountains/water features
• Remove visible water hoses
• Remove trash cans


• Move or re-arrange furniture
• Make beds, clean, dust or de-clutter the house
• Pick up toys or yard items
• “Photoshop” vehicles, walls, damaged walls, power lines, wall pictures, cords, etc. this can be discussed for an additional fee
• Touch any personal bathroom items (shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant, towels)