Top 5 Benefits Of Using Virtual Staging In Your Listings

These days, homebuyers are less inclined toward an in-person property tour. Instead, they look for solutions that help them save time on the home inspection process. Therefore, as a realtor, you should look for a faster and more cost-efficient way to cater to the buyers’ needs. Virtual staging services is the perfect solution! 

Virtual staging is an innovative and effective technique to level up your real estate marketing plan. The demand for virtual staging has significantly increased in the last few years.

Below, we have listed the top five benefits of using virtual staging in your listings! 

1. Staging sells the house for more money: Statistics show that home staging can sell your house 88% faster and for 20% more value. Virtual staging is a new and faster method and can help you get similar results. 

You should know that most buyers decide to visit the property in person based on how it looks in the pictures. Plus, it is difficult for them to determine the feel and size of the property when the home is vacant. Adding the right furniture and staging will make an empty space feel like a home, helping you build that connection with the buyer and convince them to pay the requested amount. 

2. More affordable than traditional staging: Virtual staging services are more affordable than traditional home staging. In-person staging can get very costly, depending on the location, logistics, type of property, and the number of rooms. It may even cost you 1% of the property’s sale price. To give you an idea, it will always cost more than four figures and may even surpass $10,000 in no time. 

On the other hand, the virtual staging cost per photo will be approximately $30, which includes professional photography and the use of the best virtual staging software. 

3. Less time-consuming: Most virtual staging companies will deliver all the photos and videos to you within 48 hours, allowing you to list properties for sale as fast as possible. 

4. Less contact: Two years back, the entire world was fighting a pandemic- the infamous Coronavirus. In those times, virtual staging real estate services allowed realtors to continue with their work while keeping the infectious virus at bay. Virtual staging is an appropriate choice whether you stay cautious or avail of all other benefits. 

5. Shareable: One of the biggest advantages of virtual staging in real estate is the ability to share content with anyone at any time. Once you have the virtual staging pictures with you, you can use them as per your need and share them with the clients with just one click. Now, you will not have to schedule time with the client or deal with conflicting schedules of you and your prospective buyer. 

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